Are dental complications causing you anxiety about undergoing surgery? Fear not. For over 15 years, patients have entrusted Florida Sedation Dentistry to provide a compassionate experience that minimizes pain and controls discomfort. Our commitment to your comfort is unwavering. Ask us about Sedation Dentistry and experience dental care in a whole new light.

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At Florida Sedation Dentistry, your comfort is paramount. We offer sedation for all our services, ensuring you remain at your most comfortable and anxiety-free level. Whether it’s a routine tooth cleaning or a more complex procedure, our sedation options cater to your needs, guaranteeing a relaxed and stress-free experience every time.


When you step into our office, rest assured you’re in capable hands. Our dedicated team customizes solutions tailored to your comfort and medical requirements, ensuring the best and safest results possible. Opting for sedation means entrusting your smile to Dr. Ospina and our team, knowing you’ll remain calm and relaxed throughout your visit. Experience dental care that puts your comfort first at Florida Sedation Dentistry.